Anionu works with your pre-existing cameras and devices.

Use your pre-existing PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and web cameras to
secure your home and business, or upgrade to the latest equipment.


Anionu is an innovative technology that makes surveillance
a joy for beginners and security experts alike...

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Access from any device

Anionu is web-based, which means that it works on modern PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phones. See this page for more technical information.

Powerful web-based interface

Manage and monitor your entire security network from a central online interface. The power and elegance of Anionu's online headquarters is an experience not to be missed!

Anionu is password free

That's right, Anionu doesn't even use passwords - one less security risk for you! Use your Google account to login, and store your videos on your Google Drive.

24/7 remote video surveillance

Anionu provides you with 24/7 cloud access to your live surveillance feeds, recorded video footage, and more, on-site or on-the-go, anywhere in the world.

Built for humans

Unlike a lot of software, Anionu is built for humans. The interface isn't cluttered with 100's of buttons, but the advanced features are there when you need them.

Works with all types of camera

Anionu works with all types of web camera, and most CCTV cameras. There's no more need to buy expensive DVRs or special security cameras for video surveillance.

Security alerts via SMS, Twitter and email

Be the first to know when something happens. Configure who receives what notifications, and how people are notified, such as via SMS, Twitter or email.

Local or cloud video storage

Choose to store recorded videos on your local computer, or off-site on your Google Drive. Storing surveillance footage off-site protects you against theft and property destruction.

Open source software

We love open source, and release most of our software is open source. We also provide a comprehensive SDK and API so developers can extend and improve our software.

Tailor your own plan

Create a usage plan that suits you, and only pay for what you use. If your situation changes we make it easy for you to upgrade and downgrade at no cost. Check out the plan calculator.

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We help businesses and people like you save thousands.

Our customers are smart, they have crunched the numbers.
Find out how Anionu is being used in the real world:

Kim raddon

Kim Raddon
North Coast Wing Chun

“My old security system only had motion sensors, and it cost $2500 for installation and $99 p/m in ongoing support charges. When I discovered that Anionu provides the same motion detection capabilities as well as remote video surveillance it was a no-brainer. All up it cost me $150 for the cameras plus $10 p/m for the service!”

Raithe handiman

Rai Handiman
Blessed Earth

“As one of Australia's largest organic textiles retailers we have over 600m2 of warehouse space. After we were quoted $9500 for a CCTV installation we went searching for an alternative. Anionu came highly recommended, so we decided to give it a go. Thanks to Anionu we have saved over $7000 on installations, and far more on ongoing costs.”


Xiao Feng
Studio Feng

“My art is very precious to me, so I need a way to keep an eye on the studio while I'm away. Anionu does exactly what I need it to; it records videos and notifies me whenever someone visits and I'm not around. I also like that it stores videos directly on my Google Drive which I already use all the time. Thanks for being awesome, Anionu!”

Get started in minutes, not days.

A security company might take weeks to process your quote.
Follow the steps below to take charge of your security right now - 1, 2, 3!

2. Install the Spot app

Plug in your cameras, and install Spot on each computer that you will be using for surveillance. Spot lets you use the audio and video devices connected to any computer for remote surveillance with Anionu.

3. Start live surveillance

To start surveillance, just login to your online headquarters and follow the simple tutorials on the screen. You'll be amazed at just how easy it is to be a surveillance rock star with Anionu! Need help? We've got your back.

Take the latest technology for a test drive today...