Last Updated: Dec 18, 2013

At Anionu, the security and protection of your data is our highest priority. For us, security means two things: Your surveillance data is reliably stored so it is there when you need it, and it is protected from unauthorized access and modification at all times. Trust is vital for the ongoing success of cloud-based service providers, which is why we endeavour to be as forthcoming and transparent about our systems and security as is feasible.


If you haven't noticed already, uses 256-bit strong encryption and digital signatures to secure all communications and between you and the server. This is the industry standard for data protection, and is the same level of encryption trusted by governments and financial institutions worldwide. In addition we employ many heuristic security measures to ensure the integrity of our service.

Data Security

Anionu uses Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) for storage, which has a robust security policy of its own. All files you store on Anionu are kept securely on Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) in multiple data centers located across the globe. You can find more information on Amazon's data security from the S3 site. All your data is backed up daily, and stored in multiple locations and servers.

Stay tuned, this year we will be rolling out a new feature which will give customers the freedom to specify their own cloud storage account for a range of providers including Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Rackspace CloudFiles or Google Cloud Storage, which means you will have full control over your own files.

Account Security

We protect your account from brute force attacks with rate limiting, and administrator notifications which will inform you if someone tries to access your account using the wrong password. All passwords are filtered from all our logs and are one-way encrypted in the database using bcrypt. All client and API transactions are authenticated sent over SSL.

Financial Information

We do not store any of your card information on our servers. When you sign up for a paid account on Anionu, all financial transactions and information is handled by Braintree Payment Solutions. Braintree Payment Solutions is a company thats dedicated to storing your sensitive data on PCI Compliant servers.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you've discovered a security vulnerability in Anionu, we appreciate your help in disclosing it to us in a responsible manner. Publicly disclosing a vulnerability can put the entire community at risk. Please act in good faith towards our users' privacy and data during your disclosure. White hat researchers are always appreciated.

If you've discovered a security issue, please email us at We consider correspondence sent to our highest priority, and work to address any issues that arise as quickly as possible.

Contact Us

If you have any security related questions, comments or concerns then contact us and we'll do our best to satisfy your query.